10 White Washed Wood Coffee Table Design Ideas

Two furnishings play major role for living room, which are sofa and coffee table. This article will explore about table, especially white washed wood coffee table. You may find many designs for such table at stores, internet, or other place. It is suitable furniture to stay alongside the elegant sofa. Before exploring them one by one, there is interesting fact about white washed wood. For your information, this material comes with low white accent. It is not purely bright white and it’s also different from grey.

Actually, table with white washed accent is similar to others. The only difference is their color which is not so bright and looks like spilling dust or dirt. You may think such furniture is not favorable or made of low quality because it is not so appealing. Put such thinking on hold for a moment in your mind because white washed is clearly attractive accent. With the right design, this one is no longer second-rate furniture, but high quality product.

Several Designs for White Washed Wood Coffee Table

You should try standard rectangular. Many designs are available with fancy design, but no one can deny that basic rectangular is still on the top list. This kind of table is like father for all of designs. Creating standard rectangular is simple because it only takes few parts. You may make your own model. The design has flat countertop with wooden in white washed accent. Other parts are legs in four corner for practicality. This furniture may seem trivial, but you cannot ignore the aesthetic aspect which is suitable for minimalist and modern room.

rectangular white washed wood coffee table 2 rectangular white washed wood coffee table

Next, what about coffee table with drawer? Coffee table is more than furniture to place anything on the top area. Another design is coffee table with drawer. Additional drawer is installed at below section and it is integrated with surface area. Why do you need drawer? This is question when people want to buy this kind of table. White washed makes this table more interesting and tempting to have, then drawer might be just decoration. You can store small objects such pen, tissue, books, glasses, or anything. The design for drawer is various, from simple to more unique and attractive.

white washed wood coffee table with drawerwhite washed wood coffee table with drawer 2

Certain design has more just one layer for drawer. It might be two or three layers and each of them has two or four drawer. It is like storage, but in low height. Moreover, the surface is very flat. Another model is carved wooden alongside drawer. One thing to make distinction is white washed accent for entire table.

As alternative, round table with pedestal base will be the next option. Rectangular is the most basic design at all in table industry, but you cannot forget the round shape. Round or circular table comes in handy for practical and artistic function. The legs for this table is pedestal base to keep your feet enjoy when sitting next to table. This is one of recommended designs for outdoor coffee table. As you know, people enjoy treating guest outdoor or having small party while enjoying excellent wine. Such thing is reason to have table with pedestal. Round model is very flexible to move from one spot to other. People just sit around with adjusting gap each other as you see on rectangular mode.

white washed round table with pedestal base 2 white washed round table with pedestal base

It is okay to try something new for white washed wood coffee table. One of interesting designs is octagonal design. You just add more sides on surface then octagonal is ready. This is unusual design for coffee table and white washed makes it better. The design comes from simple to more complex structure with carved legs or drawers. Simple octagonal is similar to rectangular, but the legs are more than four, even eight.

octagonal white washed wood coffee table

Moreover, there are carved stands. Carved wood is not new furniture for coffee table. Usually, this part is part of decoration to enhance the artistic side. Of course, the table with carved wood is more expensive than standard or plain design. Carved can be found in stands or legs to avoid the surface area.

carved stands white coffee table carved stands white coffee table 2

Well, do you know beam coffee table? It is table with full covered area and small layer at below center. This kind of table looks excellent in white washed accent. The main material is wood. This table is like small box at living room and unfamiliar people will see it as extended sofa, except you put on center of sofa. Beam table is good recommendation for minimalist style of living room.

white beam coffee table

The next design is box frame model. As you know, box has six sides and the top part is fully covered. This frame is wooden based and white washed accent surrounds the surface area. You can make your own table with few materials and less expensive.

white box frame coffee table white box frame coffee table 2

If you want something different, just try two layers of table. Actually, the table only has one layer on surface to put many things. The second layer is placed several inches after the top area. It is for practical decoration. In drawer design, you will use it at storage to put small object. Second layer is also similar to put momentary small things, such as cup or glass. After you are done to serve tea, another treatment is for wine or small snacks. Instead of going to kitchen and putting cup, you just bring snack alongside previous tea, but keep it on second layer. This thing comes in handy to save the time.

two layers white coffee table two layers white coffee table 2

Furthermore, trestle design is combination between standard rectangle and carved mode. Unique pattern is carved as pairs on one side of stands. This table only has two stands with wider area and good place to carve with any pattern. The rest of sides are free from stand, but they have pedestal at center which acts as connection for stands. This design is not your average table to apply at home because of much effort for finishing.

trestle white coffee table design trestle white coffee table

And the last idea is breezy round model. As we know, box has frame in each sides, but the circle or round model cannot. It is frameless. You can pick breezy round model for coffee table as alternative to decor an exquisite room. To connect the top area and circular frame at bottom, there is carved pattern as bridge and replacement for standard long connector.

breezy round white coffee table breezy round white coffee table 2

Well, each of tables has difference and unique aspect. You just need to pick one to suit the room decoration. Therefore, white washed wood coffee table is recommended choice for elegant room decor.